Decided what type of adventure you’re looking for? Let’s see which countries would suit you perfectly!

There are 195 countries in this world (the exact number is actually debated). THAT’S A HELLA LOT OF COUNTRIES!

If I manage to see 50% of the world, I will leave this planet a very happy girl.


So…where next!? When your inner travel bug and wanderlust is pulling you in all kinds of directions, it’s so difficult to choose your next destination.

There are a few things to consider when picking your next location, making sure you have the time of your life. Let’s do this…



Nobody wants to worry about money. Alas, money does not grow on trees and this is probably one of the biggest dilemmas that travellers face.

Think about how far your budget can take you. The difference in prices between flights to say New Zealand compared to Europe is hefty. Does your budget allow for this, or would a Euro trip be better suited?

screen-shot-2017-01-02-at-21-33-33How long do you need your budget to last? The amount you would spend during a month in New Zealand is roughly equivalent to 3 months in Asia. If you want to be away for longer but on a tighter budget, choose somewhere cheaper that allows for this!

Extra hidden costs going to break the bank balance? These include things such as vaccinations, visas, higher insurance costs etc. Read up on these and know exactly what you need for each country!


Screen Shot 2017-02-01 at 16.13.54.png

You’ve hopefully chosen what kind of adventure your heart is dreaming of by now. If not, check out the first of my wanderlust series.

I find one of the most beautiful things in this world is the variation of it all. Each country has so many different things to offer.

No two countries are the same.                                      screen-shot-2017-01-02-at-21-32-56

 Looking for a country with the most amazing beaches in the world? Why not hit up Australia! Hoping to work abroad too? Then Australia is perfect!

Prefer a destination which won’t rinse your budget, without compromising on the scenery? The Philippines has beautiful beaches, as well as Bali and Thailand etc. All a lot cheaper areas than Oz!

The view from Mt. Batur

Seeking adrenaline pumping adventures? NEW ZEALAND. Home to numerous sky diving and bungee jumping spots, which are often voted some of the best activities in the world. This breath taking country is every thrill seeker’s dream.

Tongario Crossing



Never rush a country!

 It breaks my heart a little every time somebody says to me something along the lines of;

 “I don’t have much time in XYZ so will have to rush it”

NOOOOOO please don’t do that. Not giving a location the time it deserves is saddening and can be avoided if you think positively about any time constraints you may have on your trip.

Only have 2 weeks? Why not stay closer to home and avoid extensive flights and jet lag horror.

Utilise your time efficiently.

Want to go inter-railing in Europe but only have 2 weeks? Don’t rush through the experience of each location.


  • Pick a handful of locations you’re dying to visit. Don’t overload the number.
  • Choose areas closer together to minimise time wasted on travelling.
  • Give each place at least 2 nights so it doesn’t feel like a rushed trip.
  • ENJOY and come back for more locations when you have time 🙂



Unless you’re somebody who seeks out the rain and storms (you absolute nutter), let’s try to avoid wet seasons and tropical storms hey?

It’s a shame when your availability doesn’t coincide with the best weather seasons in your chosen country. However, if you’re okay with that then absolutely go with it!


If not, do the research and find out where the best weather is during your trip time. It can make a huge difference to your experience. Especially, if you’re off on a sun seeking trip and find the weather is completely the opposite.

Don’t be disappointed and look into it now!

I usually check out wet/dry seasons and everything else in between on this website.


Screen Shot 2017-02-01 at 16.40.06.png


That’s the important question! Do the research, find out the facts, work out the practicalities…


At the moment, I’m travelling very spontaneously with little plans in mind. I tend to go wherever I’m drawn to and it feels amazing…
















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  1. ALL OF IT ❤️ thank you for helping me to think more about nutrition to help my body to cope with my ME 😘 I feel better in myself. you are inspo xxxx


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