A friend of mine, who hasn’t done much travelling, asked me to write advice on how you should go about planning a trip. WELL LOVELIES I AM HERE TO HELP. I’ve been on a fair few different adventures over the years so it’s about time I shared some tips!

12339054_502019463313460_2751912_n screen-shot-2017-01-02-at-21-33-33     *Drum roll please*…I give you  the “WANDERLUST” series!             screen-shot-2017-01-02-at-21-33-33


Over the next few days/weeks/months (heck who knows how long the series is going to last?!) I’ll be laying out all the advice you need to plan your big adventure! Maybe you’ve been travelling before, maybe you haven’t – it doesn’t matter! We all need a bit of help sometimes which hopefully I can deliver.


There are so many different ways you can head out on the adventure of a lifetime. Which one you choose will depend on what YOU want to get out of the whole experience but we’ll move onto that later. Firstly, let me explain the different opportunities available to you. I have tried most of these myself so can offer an opinion!



This is definitely one of the most popular forms of adventure there is and for bloody good reason. I LOVE THE BACKPACKER LIFE.


This can be a pretty cheap way to travel, especially if you were to choose countries like Vietnam, Thailand etc. In my next post I talk about choosing the right country for your budget.

Ordinarily, backpackers take on a route through their chosen countries whilst staying at hostels along the way. This makes backpacking very sociable! Hostels are an amazing way to meet people and you’ll find that a lot of people will be taking the same route as you. For example when I did the East Coast of Australia I bumped into the same people numerous times.

auckland drinks.JPG

Would I recommend? 100000%!



Looking to spend your time helping those less fortunate whilst seeing the world? How lovely of you! There are so many organisations out there that can help you organise this if you have no clue where to start!


My experience? Raleigh International in Borneo. Volunteering abroad definitely gives you a sense of fulfilment, whilst rendering you conscience of how lucky you really are. The money for the trip can be fundraised lots of different ways and normally the charity you’re venturing out with will support you in this!

My view? It was an unforgettable experience which I recommend to somebody who wants to help others HOWEVER, there isn’t much freedom on these trips. In fact, with Raleigh there was none at all.

So if you’re looking to unleash your sense of adventure on the world and hit the road…I don’t recommend it. Backpacking is way more likely to be for you, with a few days of volunteering thrown in.



Love kids? Don’t love kids? That’s the million-dollar question.

Being an au-pair is a great way to live abroad if you’re;

  1. Struggling for money but want to live elsewhere
  2. Looking to learn/improve a new language
  3. Love kids

This kind of adventure means that your accommodation is covered as well as things like food and normally travel. On top of this you get a wage so really…it’s a sweet deal!

My experience? I was an au pair for 2 months in Spain and honestly I can’t reiterate enough how much it helped my Spanish. I was also able to adventure around the rest of Spain at the weekends which was an absolute treat, whilst using the money I was paid throughout the week.

Would I recommend? Again, it lacks freedom. You’re living with a family with children and this needs to be respected. The kids can also be VERY difficult, so it was a full time job caring for them.

Yep, I’d recommend it but I want you to know what you’d be letting yourself in for! Weigh up the pros and cons. 


If your university offers this, I would recommend it 10000000%! What an amazing way to immerse yourself in another culture and learn.


It can be pretty expensive. I studied abroad at UNSW in Sydney and the costs for well pretty much anything and everything were high!

My advice? Do it, save before you go and be open to which universities offer you a place! UNSW wasn’t my first choice but WOW am I glad it was my offer. DO IT DO IT DO IT.



I’m about to start my working visa in Australia next month and am so excited but seeing as I haven’t actually undertaken it yet – I can’t offer much advice!

The visa is pretty easy to obtain and costs just short of £300 (for UK residents). It can be obtained here.

A great way to travel and make money at the same time! A lot of people do working visas, so you’ll never be alone in what you’re doing!

I did work in Sydney whilst I was studying there and I can tell you that its pretty damn easy to get a job! So don’t be worried about that if Australia is where you choose to work 🙂


Which adventure you choose depends on what YOU want from your experience abroad and this is the first thing you should consider. As I’ve noted, there are so many opportunities out there! You just need to decide which one suits your need for adventure… 🙂






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