So what are my plans for the next few months!?


I am forever grateful for all the opportunities in my life + am constantly chasing new ones.

For me, 2017 will be filled with so many exotic countries waiting to be explored + I am so ready! Even as I write this, I am in slight disbelief + amazement that I have taken the plunge to head out on another solo trip! 


On January 15th I will be leaving London Heathrow on a flight bound to the beautiful city of Auckland.

Upon arriving on the 17th, I intend to spend a few days here catching up with old friends + exploring all Auckland has to offer! From here, I then begin my tour with the famous Kiwi Experience whom I have heard fab things about. My 24 day tour will take me through all the sights of the North + South Islands + hopefully with some beautiful weather in the height of the Kiwi summer!



Mid February I shall be heading back to STRAYAAAAAAA! One of the better countries in the world…

Here I will be in need of some serious chill time after over 3 weeks on a party bus…So i plan to kickback and relax with friends in Sydney + Melbourne! No plans are set in concrete which is the most exciting part of it all…

Cannot wait to head back to my old home…SYDNEY!

I know that my friend + I will 100% be heading over to Perth as I haven’t checked out Western Australia yet! I am also super keen to head back to the East Coast in order to create some beautiful content showing you guys why that side of the world is a million times better!


Now i know that is super broad + a huge place but to be quite honest I have no plans! I am just so welcome to the idea of being completely free + wandering wherever I please!

I will definitely travel back to Bali because it is just A M A Z I N G + I  need to create some more content showcasing the beauty of it all.

Singapore + The Philippines + Vietnam + Cambodia + Malaysia + Laos + Thailand are also on the to do list! There is no time limit for me here which will be such a freeing feeling. 




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