Anybody who follows me on Instagram or personally knows me, will know one important fact…I LOVE FOOD. So obviously when I check out a new city my itinerary is going to revolve around where I can eat. I’ve made your trip to Helsinki a little bit easier by sharing my fave food destinations, with the variety meaning y’all ALL gonna be happy.



Located in the centre of Helsinki, Strindberg boasts a beautiful brunch spread for a competitive price. It seems to be the thing in Finland to enjoy a plate of a sandwich of some sort, sided with yoghurt, a pastry + a beverage of your choice – fine by me!


For €14 we demolished the above; a cheese + tomato sandwich (delicious bread), muesli with greek yoghurt, a boiled egg + last but not least AN UNREAL CROISSANT. In addition to this, the brunch also came with fruit juice + a coffee….what a sweat deal. Not only is the food amazing, but the staff are super friendly + the location is perfect!


johan_03This place is so cute! It has such a cosey layout + overlooks the waterfront so you can enjoy your coffee break in the perfect setting. There’s a large range of hot + cold drinks available as well as homemade pastries. Most importantly…THEY SERVE MATCHA + a delicious one at that. Why do I recommend? Johan is just what I would imagine a coffee shop to look like – filled with cushions, wooden stairs and beams + fast free wifi if you need to get work done. The baristas are talented too which means your cappuccino etc is going to be Insta worthy… (very important).




WHAT AN AMAZING RESTAURANT/CONCEPT/FAMILY/VIBE/EXPERIENCE !!!!! Vegetarians + Vegans, I’m speaking you guys on this one…a whole buffet of meat free, nutritious + delicious food to be piled on your plate + devoured. Even if you are carnivorous (each to their own), it’s hard for anybody to resist the amazing flavours oozing from a Silvoplee feast. I took my boyfriend + although he didn’t fancy tucking into the food, he was absolutely smitten by the healthy smoothies on offer.



The restaurant works on a weigh + pay system which means you can design your plate exactly how you like it. The smoothies are around €7 with around 6 flavours to choose from. Now don’t get me started on the desserts…so so so beautiful to look at never mind eat! All desserts are raw and homemade, as featured below.

img_0139   img_0112

I shall be writing a whole blog post devoted to Silvoplee just because I was pretty blown away by the concept, quality of the food + point of origin. SO STAY TUNED.



Quite literally down the road from Silvoplee we were treated to a beautiful feast by the team at Onda restaurant. The A La Carte menu is just brilliant. What did I love the most about Onda? It was Vegetarian heaven BUT ALSO a good time for a meat lover which made dinner time for my boyfriend + I that much easier (which can be very hard to achieve).

Surprisingly for an A La Carte menu the prices were rather decent, with a flank steak up for grabs at €17. The Hawaiian Vegan Poke bowl is a must try for your starters! I always see Poke bowls all over Instagram but never tried one due to the raw fish, however this Vegan Poke bowl…NOM NOM NOM.


I went for the falafel and roasted cauliflower for mains – would definitely recommend! My boyfriend opted for the Crispy Pork Belly which I must say looked delicious (coming from a veggie).


+ last but most definitely not least…


Sometimes when you’re on holiday all you need is a good pizza with a beer to wash it all down. Putte’s in central Helsinki offers just that at a decent price, as well as catering for Vegans with their “Vegan Marinara”. The staff are fab + the atmosphere has a strong buzz – clearly a popular destination for people to let their hair down with a few bevs.

Going to be honest with you…the pizza was quite literally wolfed down before I took a picture..oops.







Snapchat : liv.ourabi





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