Need an excuse to go travelling? Check these reasons out…

At the age of 21 I’m frequently shell shocked when I meet people of a similar age who tell me they;

a) have never been travelling

b) have no desire to go travelling.

WAIT WHAT!? Having caught the travel bug from the age of 17, I find it hard to comprehend how anyone in their right mind doesn’t dream of hopping on a plane + getting lost in an exotic location.

Alas, some people just do not lust after living out of a bag pack for a few months. Very strange in my eyes but each to their own eh! If you are reading this + are in fact a person who falls into that exact category, let me try and convince you otherwise. I have had some of the best times of my life whilst seeing the world + honestly believe that you would too if you just took the plunge!


I actually booked my next big adventure coming up in January, after so many areas of my life fell apart. I’m not saying you need drastic events like these to make you grab your passport and head off, but realising I had absolutely NO ties and could do whatever I wanted was a great push.

You’re going to grow up, get married, have a family, have a serious job + many more responsibilities so why not make the most of being young and free now.


Maybe you’ll find yourself a nice companion, fall in love + enjoy a hot holiday romance but that’s not all you can fall in love with.

You’ll fall in love with all the beautiful people you’ll meet. You’ll fall in love with most if not all the breath taking places you’ll visit. You’ll fall in love with the idea of being so free. The whole experience will just be a happy cycle of endless love.


There are 7 billion people on this planet + the more you travel, the more you meet. Meeting so many refreshing new faces really makes you realise just how busy this world is + that you are just 1 amazing little flower in the biggest bed of roses EVER.


Being young + carefree means you’re a bit skint? No worries – travel doesn’t have to be TOO expensive. Aside from the flight out there (you can get super cheap flights), there are BEAUTIFUL + cheap countries just waiting to welcome you with loving arms… did somebody say South East Asia?


Long story short – don’t do it now + you may never get the chance.


Another reason you may not get the chance to wander to some mesmerising lands. Climate change is having drastic effects on our beautiful world, meaning some things just won’t be the same for much longer!

Even Mount Kilimanjaro which is like HUGE is receding due to deforestation and global warming!


I mean I don’t know what I want to do yet at the age of 21 + many tell me the same. The people you will meet + the situations you will encounter might just ignite the spark for something amazing.


 Go listen to the tales of monks in Tibet, hold hands with tribes in Kenya + learn what’s happening to the planet from ecologists in Australia. You are still so young + could learn a lot from the inspiring people spread out across the globe.


Upon travelling to the more deprived countries in the world, you realise just how lucky you are. You learn the important skill of empathy + return home a little more conscience of your fortunate surroundings.

Your showers will be shorter. You will not want to waste food. You may even start working for a charitable organisation. All building towards a kinder you (+ the world could like really use your help).


Being a travel junkie perhaps I am a little biased, however I struggle to see many downsides of travelling. It is AMAZING + ENRICHING + LOTS OF FUN.

So you should really go and book the trip of a lifetime like now.



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